Cutting Wheels

      Maximum quality for outstanding cutting performance

      Cut-off machine performance depends partly on the quality of the cutting wheel. STIHL can be your single-source supplier for everything you need
      for this demanding work: the cut-off machine and top quality cutting wheels for use with it, made to the most stringent quality standards to guarantee
      high cutting performance and accuracy. The STIHL range includes diamond cutting wheels for concrete, asphalt and natural stone as well as
      abrasive cutting wheels for steel.

      If you have any questions, your STIHL Approved Dealer will be glad to advise and assist.

  • STIHL diamond cutting wheels

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  • STIHL abrasive cutting wheels

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   Guide Bar

      STIHL guide bars are designed for a wide range of requirements and applications. There are two basic models: Rollomatic with the sprocket nose
      and the ultra-rugged Duromatic solid bars.

  • Guide Bar Models

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      Choosing the right saw chain is essential for effective use of a chain saw. STIHL supplies the optimum chains for every application, every power
      class and every chain saw make. All our chains are characterised by rugged first-class quality.

  • STIHL saw chains

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   Forestry Tools

      Logs don’t move themselves. It takes strength, agility, intelligence and well-crafted tools. STIHL forestry tools are made with the professional logger
      in mind and specially designed to lift, rotate and transport those very large chunks of tree. Whether you’re at the mill, on the lot, or deep in the
      woods, our forestry tools give you the leverage you need to help make the work easier.

      Our forestry tools include essentials like cant hooks, peaveys, log carriers, hookaroons and a log stand.

  • Forestry Tools

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